Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Manjula Nandakumar

Manjula Nandakumar   

                                        Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Manjula Nandakumar obtained her B. Pharmacy from JNTU, India and M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics) from SP Women’s University, India, where her research focus was on the evaluation of hepatoprotective activity of extracts from Boswellia serratainterdisciplinary including chemical biology and microbiology wherein she focused on host-pathogen interplay, dissecting the role of enhanced activities of Human β- D-Hexosaminidase and α- L Fucosidase during H. pylori infection in gastric cells and in immune surveillance. During her Ph.D study she developed an activity based probe which can detect the activity of the enzyme fucosidase, a cancer biomarker, in picomolar levels. She also participated in studies of role of certain lectins in H. pylori infection that ensued in MALT lymphoma. She later worked at Weill Cornell Medicine Qatar in the field of Ca+2 signaling in mammalian cells identifying novel candidates in Orai1 and Stim1 mediated SOCE signaling. Dr. Manjula joined Dr. Essam Abdelalim’s group in August 2017, where she will be working on pathophysiology of insulin resistance and diabetes using induced pluripotent stem cells obtained from patient’s somatic cells. Dr. Manjula Nandakumar is hired under NPRP grant funded by QNRF (NPRP9-283-3-056)

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