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Stem cells

The Stem Cell Core at QBRI has expertise in the generation of human and non-human, primate-induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to validate karyotype and pluripotency characterization. Genome editing services and directed differentiation of iPSCs to cortical neurons and pancreatic progenitors/beta cells is also offered.


  • Access to shared facilities, including cell culture, cell sorting, cell imaging, cell analysis, and molecular biology.
  • Well-characterized iPSC and ESC lines.
  • Generation of iPSCs.
  • Validation and quality control of stem cell lines.
  • Differentiation and genetic modification of iPSCs and ESCs.
  • Karyotyping and banking of iPSC and ESC lines.
  • Protocols, reagents and supplies commonly used in stem cell research.
  • Training for researchers to use iPSCs and ESCs for their research goals.
  • Consultation on pluripotent stem cell research projects.

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TC20™ Automated Cell Counter

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Cell Celector (AVISO)


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