Mohammed Al-Azzani

Jordan University of Science & Technology,Jordan

Mohammed Al-Azzani is a master student at the clinical pharmacy department at Jordan University of Science & Technology (JUST). He received a cultural exchange scholarship from Jordan to study pharmacy at JUST. He received his B.Sc of pharmacy from JUST with a GPA 91.3 %. He is interested in neuropharmacology related to learning and memory impairment induced by high-fat/high-carbohydrate diet and the possible protective effects of pentoxifylline.

Yasser Al-Sarraj

QBRI-Medical Genetic Center, Qatar

Yasser Al-Sarraj has earned his BSc. degree in Biochemistry, from the College of Science, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia (2005). He then joined the environmental health laboratory at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC) in June 2005. Later he joined the National laboratory of new born screening at KFSH& RC in 2006. In 2007, Yasser was appointed as a research assistant at SMGC, Doha Qatar, where he participated in the both diagnostic testing and scientific research in the field of medical genetics. Yasser’s research is focused on the investigation of the genetics of autism. Yasser aims to further his studies in the field of molecular genetics.

Kholoud Arafa

Center for Aging and Associated Diseases, Egypt

Narjes Baazaoui

The New York Institute for Basic Research, USA

My name is Narjes Baazaoui, I am originally from Tunisia and I am an American citizen. I have got my master degree in molecular and cell biology on October 2006 in Tunisia. I am currently a 4th year PHD student and advanced to candidacy, my expected graduation date is December 1st 2015. I have the Cuny research foundation fellowship for PhD studies and I won several travel awards for scientific meetings such as the Alzheimer's Association international meeting travel award 2014 in Denmark and the Alzheimer's drug discovery young investigator scholarship 2014 in New Jersey. Also my abstract has been accepted as a hot topic and to be distributed to the news in the society for neuroscience meeting in Washington, DC, 2014. I am currently working on the rescue/delay of pathology and cognitive deficit with neurogenic/neurotrophic peptidergic compound in a 3xTg mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.

Batoul Dawy

Physiology Department, Kuwait University, Kuwait

My name is Batool Dawy. I am a Kuwaiti-Lebanese sprouting neuroscientist! I completed my BSc(Hons) in Neuroscience at University College London, UK in 2013 and have since been volunteering as a biomedical scientist at Kuwait University. I am enchanted by the plasticity and potential of the human brain, its computational power and ability to encode expectation and prediction error to fine tune learning and influence complex human behavior. Neuroscience research is rewarding and advancements in areas as computational modeling and brain-computer interfaces instil a lot of hope for harnessing our understanding of the brain to alleviate the burdens of neurological and neuropsychiatric illnesses. I have an affinity for research in molecular neuroscience and the epigenetics of neuropsychiatric disease and aspire to pursue a graduate degree in Clinical Neuropsychology.

Dr. Yahia Imam

Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

Dr. Imam graduated with honors from the Faculty of Medicine; University of Khartoum in 2003.After finishing a rotating internship in Sudan he joined Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in 2005 where he underwent training in Internal Medicine and was awarded certificated of Arab Board of Health specialization in Internal Medicine in 2010. This was followed by training in general Neurology at HMC and University College London. In 2013 was elected as a member of the Royal College of physicians of the United Kingdom. In 2014 was awarded membership of the Royal College of physicians of Edinburgh and the Specialist certificated in neurology from the Royal College of physicians. Dr Imam is a member of many international organizations such as the American Academy of Neurology, the European Academy of Neurology, the World Stroke Organization and the European Stroke Organization. Currently Dr Imam is perusing a fellowship in Stroke Medicine under tutorship of Prof Ashfaq Shuaib at HMC.
Dr. Imam is interested in infectious Neurology and Stroke and has published several peer reviewed articles. He was awarded the Role Model Award from Weil Cornell Medical College in Qatar in 2013.

Abdelrahman Khalifa

Center for Aging and Associated Diseases, Egypt

I'm Abdelrahman Khalifa, a research assistant working in Center for ageing and associated diseases at Zewail city in Egypt. I've joined the center since its launch in july,2012. I've graduated from Cairo university in 2010 with honors after 5 years of studying pharmaceutical sciences. After that, I have started to fulfill my military service and finished it in March,2012. I have lived in U.A.E. from 1995 to 2005 and graduated from Albayan high school in Khorfakan ranking among the top ten students allover U.A.E. high schools. I like mathematics and physics and I think it's indispensable to use their tools to study the emergent phenomena found in biology with a holistic approach to reach a set of unified biological laws as chemistry and physics have done before.

Nour Majbour

College of Medicine and Health Sciences,UAE University, United Arab Emirates

I have completed my BSc in Pharmacy in Syria 2010 and worked in a Pharmaceutical company for a year, then moved back to UAE for MSc. In June 2014, I have completed my MSc under the direction of Prof. Omar EL-Agnaf in medical Sciences at College of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University. My MSc project was about the development and application of novel conformation-specific monoclonal antibodies for Parkinson’s disease pathology. I have 3 published papers and quite few in preparation. My research mainly focuses on developing diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for Parkinson’s disease.

Mona Mohsin

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Qatar

Dr. Madeeha Nasir

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Qatar

Dr. Madeeha Nasir has a passion for medicine. She loves helping people, whether it is by treating patients, or helping to improve healthcare on a larger scale. Her mission is to become a practicing physician, involved in research, contributing to the constant evolution of healthcare. As a doctor and as a woman, she is enthusiastic about working to make a difference in women's mental health in Qatar. This is why she loves her current research project investigating "Perinatal depression and it's risk factors". She is often described as a very intelligent and kind person, usually by her mother.

Nishant Vaikath

College of Medicine and Health Sciences,UAE University, United Arab Emirates

I am Nishant Narayan Vaikath, currently working as a Research Assistant in Prof. Omar El- Agnaf’s Laboratory, College of Medicine and Health Science, UAE Universitry, UAE and a PhD student registered in Lund University, Sweden under the supervision of Pro. Jia-Yi Li and Prof. Omar El-Agnaf. I have done my Masters in Biotechnology from India and was working in industry for 5 years on recombinant protein expression and purification and also developing monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to various protein and peptides. Later I joined Prof. Omar El- Agnaf’s laboratory in UAE University and registerd for PhD in Lund University, Sweden. My project is entitled Development of monoclonal antibodies specifically against different aggregated forms of alpha-synuclein as new tools for diagnostic and therapy in Parkinson’s disease. I am carrying out most of my work in UAE University and some part of the work will be done in Lund University.

Arij Yehya

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Qatar

Graduated with a Masters in Psychology from American University of Beirut. My thesis was in the field of Social Neuroscience. Currently, I work in Weill Cornell Medical School in Qatar. I conduct research on patients with schizophrenia and on patients taking antipsychotics. Neuroscience is one of the fields I am interested in. On a personal level, I enjoy reading, learning and improving my skills.
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