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27/09/2018 Download ICS File
Campaigns and Special Events

 Workshop to Mark World Alzheimer’s Day Campaign   

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Under the banner, "Memories Matter", QBRI marked the World Alzheimer's month in September with a series of outreach programs and activities. A well-appreciated, interactive workshop was conducted in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation, to answer questions surrounding Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and debunk misconceptions.

The highlight of the event was the informative workshop conducted by Dr. Mani Chandran, senior consultant geriatric psychiatrist at the Department of Geriatric Medicine at Hamad Medical Corporation. Taking the audience on a rather insightful journey, Dr. Chandran covered various aspects of AD including early signs and symptoms; real life scenarios; challenges faced by caregivers and the need to fight the associated stigma.

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Ms. Noora Jaidah from HBKU’s Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute was a champion for the cause of those afflicted with AD and briefed participants on the emotional difficulties faced by family members of those affected by the condition, as well as the efforts being taken to form a support group for such families in Qatar.

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