Summer Research Program - Appreciation Ceremony

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Training and Seminars

QBRI’s Summer Research Program.

QBRI concluded the 4th edition of its popular, annual Summer Research Program (SRP). The eight-week long training program which included 19 students - both local and international - provided participants with valuable insights and hands-on laboratory experience on the cornerstones of good research, specifically in the areas of diabetes, neurological diseases, and cancer. The event symbolized another milestone in QBRI’s ongoing efforts towards providing extensive, educational and research opportunities to aspiring young scientists.

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In addition to the rigorous program components, participants partook in a variety of activities and practical workshops during the course of the summer program. This included techniques of experimental design and the composition of scientific articles as well as educational tours to the Qatar Cancer Society and Al Shaqab.

During an appreciation ceremony conducted recently, students had the opportunity to illustrate the outcomes of the valuable training and experience they received and present their posters. They also received certificates.

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The SRP attracted undergraduate students with specializations in biological and medical-related sciences, from local universities such as Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar, as well as international students from the University of South Florida and the University of Glasgow.

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The success of the program over the years has been evident as SRP alumni have often returned to QBRI to have their graduation projects supervised by QBRI scientists. Others have typically joined postgraduate and doctoral degrees, to be mentored by the QBRI scientists to enable them to enter the ranks of investigators at research institutions such as QBRI. The goal of SRP is to harness their passion and to help achieve great scientific breakthroughs in line with Qatar’s vision for the promotion of homegrown scientific discovery, research, and human development. 

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Educational tour to Al Shaqab:

                  SRP 18 Shaqab 2.JPG

Educational visit to the Qatar Cancer Society:

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