Dr. Omar El-Agnaf

Acting Executive Director

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Considered a pioneer in the field of Parkinson’s and related neurodegenerative diseases and the recipient of 8 regional and international awards recognizing his scientific and leadership contributions, Dr. Omar El-Agnaf has demonstrated equal adeptness at directing QBRI’s efforts to improve and transform healthcare through innovations in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting Qatar and the region. Since being appointed Acting Executive Director in 2016, QBRI has realized significant achievements under his direction. From securing extramural research funding from national and international funding agencies to establishing robust alliances with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to winning the 2017 Arab Best Research Institution of the Year Award, QBRI has excelled because of Dr. El-Agnaf’s leadership.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. El-Agnaf’s research group has built a reputable portfolio in the Middle East and beyond, placing his lab at the forefront of neuroscience research internationally. His discoveries have greatly impacted the scientific research community, provided further insight into the molecular pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease, and offered new opportunities for the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools for the disease.

With this same level of dedication and commitment, he has made significant strides in creating an innovative, forward-thinking, and supportive research environment at QBRI. Dr. El-Agnaf’s scientific contributions have been well received by many prestigious international funding agencies and pharmaceutical companies, resulting in millions of dollars of funding. Moreover, he is frequently invited as a speaker at international scientific and clinical meetings and is currently a member of the editorial boards of several international journals. Publications in high-ranking scientific journals validate Dr. El-Agnaf's track record of superior basic and translational research productivity. He has published nearly 120 refereed articles, with citations exceeding 9,000 (to date), and possesses an h-index of 52.

As the recipient of 6 patents, with an additional six under consideration, and possessing notable experience in licensing products stemming from his novel research, Dr. El-Agnaf understands how such activities can be used effectively to facilitate successful innovation. As such, he
has prioritized the implementation of an executable innovation and commercialization plan across QBRI’s research projects as a primary objective.

Dr. El-Agnaf has been instrumental in guiding QBRI’s efforts to become a more fully evolved and productive space for its researchers to effectively achieve their potential.

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