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Park House English School Visit


On March 30, 2014, students from Park House English School visited the QBRI laboratory space located in the Qatar Science and Technology Park. This was an educational activity aimed to educate ...

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Qatar Foundation Names New Executive Director of Qatar Biomedical Research Institute


Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development announced today that Dr Hilal Lashuel, a prominent scientist in life sciences and associate professor at the Brain Mind Institute of ...

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Biobank Qatar to Analyse 100,000 Volunteers' Medical Data


Researchers will compare data, including genetic information and data on environmental exposures and lifestyles. Manama: Biobank Qatar will collect medical data from 100,000 volunteers and store ...

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Biobank Qatar - The Future of Medical Research


As Chairperson of Biobank Qatar's Board of Trustees, Dr. Hanan Al Kuwari is at the forefront of one of the most important medical research initiatives ever undertaken in the Middle East. Drawing on ...

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Dr Arredouani MY QF


Dr Arredouani speaks to the QF Telegraph about his experience of QBRI. View the full news article here .

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